Infrared Pain Treatment

Today when you suffer from pains such as muscle pains, back pains, arthritis or other joint pains, it may not be necessary to take expensive medications as relief can be found by making use of one of the many Biomats available today. A Biomat is a mat that when plugged into a mains socket, converts that electrical current into infrared rays which help to dispel pain and relax the body.

The Biomats are able to convert the electrical current to infrared by use of amethyst crystals. The crystals are in just one of a total of 17 different layers that make up a mat to ensure that they are safe to use. Having undergone dozens of tests that cost millions of dollars, Biomats were eventually approved for use by the FDA and do not even have to be used by trained medical staff only, you can have one in your home and use it as when necessary but should check with a physician prior to initial use.

As well as providing relief from the various pains mentioned above, the Biomats have also been found to encourage better sleep, relax muscles and improve the blood’s circulation, providing a body with better general well-being. For convenience, Richway, one of the more popular Biomat manufacturers provide the mats in different sizes, a Biomat Mini for use on specific areas, a Biomat Single for a whole body relief, Biomat King which comes complete with a 100% cotton quilt, for use with a King Size bed, Biomat Queen which is designed for use with a Queen Size bed and two people. Richway also produce the Biomat professional for use by professional medical staff on out-patient visits. This professional grade mats come complete with a 100% cotton pad all of which are contained in a hard shell carry case provided with the mat. The Biomat professional is a bit smaller than the Biomat Single but just as effective.

This infrared technology is being applied by more and more medical workers as they can on many occasions reduce the number of medications a patient would otherwise have to take for relief from pain. Although the medications do of course work, many of them are expensive and others are capable of causing side effects whilst there have been no side effects yet associated to the use of Biomats.

Individuals like to use Biomats for two main reasons, one of course is that they often have to pay for less medications and the other is convenience. With the FDA approving the use of Biomats without medical supervision, it means that one can be kept in the home for use as and when needed, avoiding sufferers having to wait to visit a doctor before getting relief. Other people are just using the Biomats on a regular basis to improve their body’s well0-being, allowing them a better night’s sleep and a more relaxed feeling. Although this infrared therapy is fairly new, it has caught on quickly and seems it will become even more popular as time goes on.