Exclusive Portable Water Filters for Safer Consumption

The exclusive portable water filters available today are designed for safer water consumption in the midst of pollution problems. The two basic sources of water include Ground Water which is 91% of water in the public water system. Surface water is another water source which 68% of the total population uses for their year-round consumption. The best exclusive portable water filters give all consumers safe water usage and consumption especially against any contaminants and toxins. Health hazards are lurking anywhere but most especially in the water systems. Since everyone needs to hydrate every day, drinking water is a main source of health as well as illnesses when not using high quality water filters.

Modern Exclusive Portable Water Filters
The good news about water consumption is that you can find a wide array of exclusive portable water filters to use for your personal needs particular the water purification straw. It is a lightweight, portable, and easy to use water purifier which you can simply use like an ordinary straw but with remarkable results. The exclusive portable water filters are not like the traditional water filters that are bulky, heavy, and definitely expensive. For instance, a water purification straw kit is inclusive of a carry bag and all the accessories you need to use the product. Contemporary exclusive portable water filters are made for efficiency and quality water purification and filtration without the usual costly price tag. Whether you are using ground water or surface water, you can definitely have clean drinking water in the end. All you need is a good water purifying device and you are all protected from water pollutants.

All drinking water particularly those from surface water systems are not safe even when they seem clean and purified. The best exclusive portable water filters help you consume clean drinking waters that are free from harmful pathogens and contaminants. Even if the water does not undergo the usual treatments, it is still possible to drink clean water that is safe and even health boosting through exclusive portable water filters. Some of the usual pollutants found in drinking water include radon, uranium, and arsenic which are derived from concentrated feeding operations, pesticides, and fertilizers. Wastewater releases, sewer overflows, and manufacturing process also affect the water systems which is why exclusive portable water filters are of utmost importance.

Using exclusive portable water filters potentially stops the presence of water contaminants leading to adverse health problems such as gastrointestinal ailments. There are even worse health scenarios where harmful drinking water may result to neurological disorders and reproductive problems. Some of the other top illnesses in relation to contaminated drinking water include Giardia, Norovirus, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Excess Flouride, and Shigella. With the use of exclusive portable water filters, you can get clean and pollutant-free drinking water no matter where you are. Some of the newest products you can find in this category are the water purification straw which offers quality filtration as well as portability. Learn more about water purifiers at Life Safer Mini.