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What People Want to See at Your Restaurant

If you are thinking of opening a food service operation your mind must be filled with millions of things, from the cost to the potential profit, from the kitchen to the specific cushion you want to put on your chairs. Your own restaurant can and will reflect your own tastes in facilities, equipment, furniture and staff, but I think what most of your customers would want to see at your restaurant could be summed up as the reassuring big facilities and the attractive little equipment. The big facilities are not just big in size; their functions make up the overall cooking operation. These could include the oven, the refrigerator, the freezer, the main worktop, the mixer, the floor, the walls, the ceiling and the water supply, etc. The smaller equipment would mean things like the countertop, the tables and chairs for customers, interior decorative items, small kitchenware like forks and knives, napkins, etc.

Of course your customers can and do exclaim at the prettiness of the worktop (installed in a visible, open kitchen) or the cool modern look of the big oven for baking, but only provided that the practicality and sanitary concerns are met with. They will not be impressed with very vintage looking and handsome butcher block for a worktable, if it has deep cuts in it that make it look hard to clean out properly. They will probably shake their heads at your granite or marble table, with all their expensive and elegant appearances. What your customers need is assurance that they are eating things made in a safe and sanitary environment, by person or persons who are aware of these concerns.

On the other hand, your customers will take a good look at the unusually pretty wine glass or the practical yet very elegant plate. They will also -quite consciously- put a grade on the comfortableness of your chairs, the roominess of your tables and the aesthetics of the place as a whole. A lot of people consciously try to find and buy the specific items they had spotted at their regular coffee shop, tearoom or restaurant. Some of them will take in the atmosphere created by your layout of furniture, your choice of music, your naming of menus.

To meet these needs make sure to research and read many a restaurant equipment nyc review. The one thing to avoid when you are applying your own tastes is to make your customer feel that he or she is probably better able than you to create a nice looking space to eat or drink in. Your place should be one where people come to, in order to take hints for their own homes or their next cocktail parties or social gatherings. You should also be extra careful with how your kitchen would look, especially since there are many open type kitchens now. But the fact that customers are so interested and conscious of the places they visit should be inspiring; you can do your best in creating a lovely space that attracts visitors enough so that they will revisit time and time again.