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On the Use of E-Cigarette

There seem to be an ongoing debate as to whether the use of e-cigarette is more advantageous and less harmful than the use of traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette has been here for several decades and yet there is still a dearth of studies that would radically prove that its use doesn’t have any long-term effects on the health of its users. For this reason, the argument on whether it causes more benefits to the users than harm is still very much vibrant and alive among medical practitioners.

One time, I went down to the fabrication shop of one of my friends in California where he was fabricating a better Nautilus tanks options which he has been aching to show to me see how he manufactures them. So I got a first-hand experience of interviewing him about how e-cigarette works and whether he believes it could be a viable alternative to the habit of smoking traditional cigarette. To my surprise, his view on the use of the e-cigarette is more positive and optimistic, considering the fact that he, himself, has been a regular cigarette smoker and has been trying to kick the habit but is always a willing victim to relapse. His shop is quite awesome, and he gave me a detailed explanation on how he manufactures the starter kits for potential as well as regular users of e-cigarette.

“The market is steadily growing and more and more people have become hooked to its use because they find it as a good alternative to the traditional one,” he said. He likewise said that the vice of smoking is a pesky vice which is hard to kick. Yet, with the help of this alternative e-cigarette, he is able to slowly withdraw himself from tobacco consumption, and he is already in the weaning stage of withdrawal. Moreover, he added that e-cigarette’s use is less harmful to the body and less likely to cause fatal diseases to the lungs and the heart in the long run. Likewise, it is less expensive to use because you got to shell out money, one time, big time, for the starter kit and eventually the succeeding expenses or month-to-month expenses associated with its regular use are cheaper as compared to the use of the traditional ones. He also reiterated that the use of e-cigarette is safer as compared to the use of traditional cigarette which has an open burning flame. He even added that the number one cause of fire in the United States is the open burning flame of the traditional cigarette.

He later on showed me his different innovations of the electronic cigarette, and he showcased to me the huge machines he has been using to fabricate the stuff. He likewise gave me a sample of his finished products as a token of appreciation for visiting him. Lastly, he said to me that the impact of the use of e-cigarette is less harmful socially as compared to those who use the traditional ones. Likewise, there is no distinctive odor associated with electronic cigarette’s use, and hence, its smoke is less likely to antagonize other people. Then, when all the good things about e-cigarette have been explained to me, I got to bid him goodbye because I got a flight to catch at five in the afternoon.